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^ top I wasn't going to include this example because I thought it had limited appeal but, as I started writing this page, the Excel discussion group received a posting asking if anyone could suggest a function that would supply the date of the next Saturday following an given date.I wrote it to help with an application I built for a client. In order to access a folder received from a folder Invitation (or using Open Other User's folder command), you need find the folder on the navigation pane.

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I didn't want the user to have to remember this so I added the extra 1 to the Highest argument in the code.

If the random number generator comes up with a zero you can add it to your minimum (750) and you get 750. to give a random number between 7 =Random Number(0,10) ...

to give a random number between 0 and 10 =Random Number(36526,37621) ... TIP: When I'm using this function I usually want to full a whole bunch of cells at one go, so here's today's tip: Excel Block-Fill. Type out your Random Number function and press CTRL ENTER.

The ability to create custom functions (or UDFs - user defined functions) is a perfect illustration of this.

If you have ever asked the question "Why doesn't Excel have a function for..." then you need to learn how to create custom functions.

In this tutorial I have included some functions that I created in response to a specific requirement.

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