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Just wondering if anyone knew the story of his fall out with Corbin Fisher.

It wasn't just simply wanting to end gay thing, he worked at gay clubs both before and after he was making videos.

Dawson, or Andrew, also lived with Corbin Fisher for awhile, and is now escorting with men in Las Vegas. I always wonder why he disappeared where some of the Corbin Fisher legends from his era (like Dawson) stayed on.

Not that it is a bad thing of course, but I think it is clear he learned where his preferences lie. Lucas made a great gay porn star, as far as I could tell as the audience his sexual preferences (assuming he identifies as straight as some people claim) never mattered. Dude has had sex with more guys than me, he never has problem maintaining wood with guys, he even edits a lot of porn scenes for the company so he is watching and perfecting gay porn all the time..he identifies as 100% straight.

Hell, there are multiple videos of him and his now wife doing videos, it is how they met. He was hot and very passionate in his videos, especially whenever he would bottom. Kyle's acting like he came four times in a row while acting like he was being fucked was a tour de force performance. Connor has had sex with women on camera a lot for Corbin Fisher. But there are gay porn stars who have sex with women as part of the job.

Master fucker Jim Kerouac has some unconventional ‘car rules’ that force all sexy guys to remove their pants before getting in car with him.Sparks fly between these two playful beauties who enjoy every single moment of the photoshoot session showing genuine attraction and affection for each other.For Aldo, mornings can be the horniest time of the day. Even if that happens, that doesn't mean the woman enjoyed the rape.Likewise, just because Chaz is able to perform in gay porn scenes, that doesn't mean he likes doing it in his personal life or even emotionally connects with other men while having sex with them.I also read that shortly after he started working there, his sugar daddy was Corbin Fisher himself and that he had been constantly dealing with the law enforcement community for years. I read that he was originally from Big Rapids, Michigan (northeast of Grand Rapids & Muskegon) but had more recently been splitting his time between Denver and Las Vegas.

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